The Five Essential Pieces of The Summertime Gent


The difference between looking presentable and looking respectable involves one small thing: competence. The way you dress doesn’t tell the whole story of who you are, but it does say something about the way you perceive yourself. As we’ve all heard at one point or another, the way you dress is how you choose to present yourself to the world. When we notice someone who put some thought into the way they left their place, it’s usually a crisp, coordinated look.

The suit is the most classic and lauded example of this. Strong lines, fresh cuffs, and a general sense of purpose. The suit means business, and it’s immediately apparent. This kind of aesthetic is a good start, but with the late summer heat descending upon us – it doesn’t hurt to pare it down a bit. The idea is to maintain a layer of cavalier, without raising your internal body temperature to a boil. The following items are our certified best bets, when it comes to keeping cool under pressure.

The Lightweight Tee

Short sleeves follow the breeze with this staple of any fashion-forward man’s closet. It’s clean-cut and to-the-point: you get free range movement, with little to no sweat. Collars and buttons go a long way, but if done right, simple is the way to go.

Short Sleeve Button Down

If you’re looking to branch out from the masses, putting a little length back on at the waist is a growing trend.
Basic Terry Tee

The Over-the-knee Shorts

Fashion trends are cyclical. One particular detail of an article of clothing can become the must-have edition of something that’s otherwise an everyday item. Never has this been more true than as of recent years, in regards to the length of a man’s shorts. We’re all astutely aware of where cargo pockets will get you, but this trend is more than that. Shortness has once again become an important factor – which is especially convenient given this summer’s heat index. If you’re hemming out within an inch of your kneecap, you’ve gone too far.

Skinny-fit Chino Shorts

The Getaway Weekender Bag

One item you should never be found without during the summer is a trustworthy weekender bag. Traveling usually spikes in the summer, and if you intend to do as much, we recommend not coming up empty-handed. A busy man like yourself needs a bag that is versatile enough to go from the backseat to the front row in a snap. Nothing drags down that look you’ve polished more than a lackluster duffle or backpack. Choose a bag made of a sustainable material that will not only stand the test of time, but complements both a casual look as well as a full suit.

GentlemenCare Weekender Bag

The Decent Pair of Sunglasses

In your early 20’s, it’s perfect expected that the sunglass you own aren’t plated in gold. After all, summer holds just as much room for error as it does endless opportunity. However, those of you looking to get a jump-start on the look and feel of true adult life may want to consider kicking things up a notch. Recommending a specific pair and/or style of sunglass is a tad subjective, as it entirely depends on the shape of your face. However, Ray-ban does a nice job of laying out the commonly accepted and often seen styles of frame. That being said, round-shaped lenses are making a strong resurgence this year, as are the ever-classic clubmasters.

Ray-ban Sunglasses Selection

The Versatile Loafer

If you’re going to clean up that look, it’s important to consider every facet from head to toe. In the world of the diligent and the dapper, nuance is king. Therefore, our suggestion for a closing piece is something that can navigate between the boardwalk and the boardroom. Soft-soled and sharp, with a little shine, is the name of the game.

Cole Haan Pinch-hand Loafer